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tv   Cuomo Prime Time  CNN  November 9, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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cheech. you can also tune in to our show live mondays, tuesdays and fridays or watch on the cnn app any times on demand. our thoughts are with alex's wife and three children. the news continues. i want to hand it over to chris. >> exactly the kind of guy what we need to remember right now. well said, my friend. all right. i'm chris cuomo and welcome to "prime time." trumpers want to fight. fine. why haven't they gone to court? we only know what they show. and the only thing they're showing is that they are exactly what they falsely accused the other side of being. >> democrats are being sore losers, and they refuse to acknowledge they lost the election. so what do they do? they cry malfeasance, wrongdoing, criminality, fraud. >> democrats seem to have a problem conceding defeat. either the election system broke down or some mystery votes are
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hiding somewhere. >> the whole series of democrats who just said bluntly if our candidate doesn't win, they stole the election. >> the democrats just want to make america suffer. it is like losing the world series and demanding an extra inning a day later. >> the democrats are refusing to accept the declared results of the national media. so how do they do this? lo and behold, they find missing ballots. >> the radical left is attacking the sanctity of our votes. >> refusing to accept the results. what if these were republicans refusing to concede? >> democrats may see how they will be able in the future to steal elections through lawsuits that they can't win with the voters. >> ramping up election conspiracy theories, accusing republicans of stealing the election. kind of rich. well done, trevor noah and his team. putting the music to it might it more of a cheap opera than it is. thank you for that. what's the point? there is no shame in their game.
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they ignored the proof of suppression then and they now want to front run fraud issues without proof. even mitch mcconnell refusing to recognize president-elect biden's victory. he wouldn't contradict trump's lies that the election was stolen from them. but he didn't have any proof to offer. he didn't say he saw any proof. he offers nothing but more poison politics. you want proof of that? mcconnell met with attorney general bill barr. guess what happened then? soon after, barr authorized federal prosecutors across america to pursue, quote, any substantial allegations of voting irregularities before the election is certified. despite zero evidence. you have to keep saying that because this is not how it works. if you think something happened, you prove it. or irregularities even crimes? and what substantial allegations? if they have seen any, why can't they share?
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or is this more proof of why trump not only lost but was impeached for abusing the power that you gave him? proof of why he lost. more proof? the agency overseeing transition won't recognize biden's victory. withholding funds and national security tools, they are keeping biden from getting the security briefings that he needs to keep us safe. it is one of the first rights a president-elect has access to. highly classified intelligence briefings, that's what the current president gets. we know he doesn't pay attention to them, but biden would, and we need that because we're in trouble. covid keeps getting worse. and trump just does nothing. today we passed 10 million cases. want more proof of why you lost? because you say almost nothing
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about the problems and trump you do even less. what are you supposed to do? watch biden. this is what a president says in a pandemic. >> we have to come together to heal the soul of this country so that we can effectively address this crisis as one country where hard working meshes have each other's backs and we're united in their shared goal, defeating this virus. we can save tens of thousands of lives if everyone would just wear a mask. it is to take something or take something away from you. it is to give something back to all of us, a normal life. >> giving the right message matters. making plans, changing approaching, providing more money and guidance, it all matters. it makes people know what matters. and it keeps the confidence of the people you need in a time like this like dr. tony fauci.
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>> i have no intention of leaving. this is an important job. i have been doing it now for a very long time. i have been doing it under six presidents. it is an important job, and my goal is to serve the american public no matter what the administration is. >> let's bring in someone who can help us focus on this because this is a critical moment and we need critical thinking. good to see you. how big a deal with it that they are trying to hamstring biden from getting the briefings and allowing his team the transition help it needs? >> well, chris, you know, i keep thinking about this moment, and trump is such a small man in such a big time. we are facing not only just a transition of power, but a transition of power in the middle of a pandemic. all over the world, not only in america where americans are looking to the government for help, chris, all over the world,
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there are soldiers men and woman in syria and iraq and afghanistan ready to make the u.s. matt sacrifice for their country. and these republican senators and senior officials who are backing trump in this ridiculous wild goose chase, they will not make the smallest sacrifice. these are people, chris, who will not risk $174,000 in salary and free parking at national airport to stand up and say the right thing. it is not only shameful, this is actually, chris, the biggest threat to our democracy since the civil war. it's all from within. because we have a deeply, deeply disturbed party populated now by people who are day in and day out ready to put the interest of that party ahead of the nation and ahead of the constitution. >> where is covid theoretically
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in 70 days if we don't change course, double down on messaging, rethink how we access different resources from the federal level, rethink what we other doing at schools? i mean, 70 days ago we were on a different planet in terms of where covid was headed. >> chris, i fear in 70 days you will be afraid of going to the grocery store. we have gotten used to in my case going to the grocery store. occasionally meet people outside somewhere. but when you are you have to 200,000, 250,000 cases a day which is what will possibly happen here, you will paralyze the whole economy. i don't know how they will be able to have an inauguration. wouldn't you want to do everything to minimize that, to bring that number down by doing the easiest thing and also the most patriotic thing, wearing a mask so you don't infect somebody else. >> let's put to the side the fact that pfizer is not part of
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operation warp speed for the development phase. they did this on their own with their own money. yes, i'm sure they were enticed by the billions for distribution for ramping this up and doing it. but taking care of this development isn't fair to pfizer. but now they will get the money. they will distribute it. and the idea that we're good, tom. we're good. that's it. we're going to be able to go back to normal life, what's being missed? >> this is just the inoculation process. it is a two stage process. you need to have two injections several weeks apart and then there will be a period before, you know, the full immunity kicks in. and then in terms of the number, to distribute this vaccine requires extremely cold temperatures. you know, to be able to do this and maintain the vaccine and the cold chain. that's just something you want. you want to enlist the u.s. military for that. what did we do today?
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the president decapitated the secretary of defense. because why? because that secretary of defense wouldn't put trump's interests ahead of the constitution. people need to stop and think how crazy that is. we just fired the secretary of defense because he wouldn't go to a church with trump, move away crowds so trump could hold a bible upside down to advance his campaign in the middle of a pandemic? folks, do you realize how crazy that is? you know what's behind this man holding power. he is looking at humiliation, incourse ration and liquidation if he's out of power, and he is going to do everything he can to hold on. and that's not to mention the other clowns around him. >> right. that's the real risk here. trump is what he is, period. >> yeah. >> but the others, mcconnell, cruz and others are saying, hold on, he may have something here. >> of course, as you noted, this
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is all court cases looking for evidence, not evidence demanding court cases. and every one of those guys in the administration who don't speak up. how do you know you're out of power in washington? when your limousine is yellow and your driver speaks farci. i want to be there and watch barr and mike pompeo having to hail a cab. they fear their perks, and they are ready to sell out this country in order to preserve their perks, their fantasies of running for president one day and their need for the endorsement of this incredibly disturbed man who is our president. >> but one way or another, the people on the executive side are going to be out. i'm worried about the legislative side. i mean, joe biden is not going to be able to get us the kind of relief that families need. i don't have to tell you this, but for the audience just a
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reminder. we have more people standing in line for food in this country than we have in decades. i mean, we're talking about since the great depression. that takes two to tan go, tom. you know that very well. you know, if these guys are holding on to trump's coat tails thinks he's going to run again in four years or something like that, what is the chance we get the kind of action we need to get passed this pandemic? >> you can sit back, chris, and say, it is good if you have divided government. there is skin in the game. then maybe they will want to cooperate more. but what is mcconnell telling us? he wants your scalp in the game. okay? that's what he wants. he's already telling us he's going to try to do to biden what he did to obama. and what that means is, i hope everybody moves to georgia, you know, in the next month or two. registers to vote and votes for these two democratic senators running against incidentally two georgia senators, both of whom
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were investigated for what? for giving a briefing on the coronavirus and then selling stocks before the public was aware of that information. both of them were investigated for that. >> so as you look at it now, where do you think we are in a month? >> chris, i really worry. and, you know, we talked about this before, that we will not be able to have a legitimate transfer of power. right now, there is really -- there is really this competition in the country between truth tellers and truth deniers. and what is somewhat hopeful is the truth tellers now have republicans on their side. george w. bush, dan quayle, even "the wall street journal" editorial today, the business round table. so the truth tellers are not just democrats, but the truth deniers are -- they are entrenched and they are -- they will literally say and do anything, so much so that
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something amazing happened on fox tv today. neil cavuto cutoff kayleigh mcenany today when she was telling lies. that tells you the level of corruption we have going on here. i'm hope anything this fight, and it is really a fight over truth, that the truth tellers will build up more and more support because the truth deniers, chris, and this gets back to our early yequestion. the truth deniers know what they are doing. lindsey graham, ted cruz putting party before country and then unfortunately there are always these people who are buying it because trump has so poidsoned the well. chris, we're playing with fire.
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there are a lot of guns in this country. and i repeat what i have said before this, you know. we could not -- we could face a situation where we could not have a legitimate transfer of power. if that happens, all bets are off. >> because there really is no mechanism. that's not true. if they come true, do it, hopefully you have the inaugurations. hopefully those traditions and the electoral process as a legal process will be it. the problem becomes if they try to mess with the electoral college. then you don't have a lot of protective mechanisms because we've never really gone through that. but as they say, the easiest words to say are the words that mean nothing, we will see. tom friedman, thank you very much. appreciate your perspective. >> any time, chris. thank you. >> look, any way you think about it, for me it is all about the pandemic. everything we care about has something to do with the pandemic. our kids in their schools, we know it's not working as well as it does. one case, everything shuts down.
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the economy, it's not going anywhere until we figure out the pandemic. that's always been true. now we have the president gets rid of the secretary of defense who is in charge of operation warp speed. that's the kind of crazy that is the basis for why he lost. now, joe biden is supposed to be the next president of the united states. this is a numbers game. and we have the main players in protecting the integrity of the process to prove it next. before we talk about tax-smart investing, what's new?
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you know, this election isn't over. across the country a whole lot of americans remain hard at work. they're not just background for live shots. they're the backbone of our democracy. even in states that were called days ago, they still got to count all the votes, and that's
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always been the rule. that's not something that trump and a trumpers are asking for. now, as they are counting those votes, right now we see a gap of more than four million votes between the two candidates. i call it a spanking because when you have more americaning come out to vote against you than we have ever seen before, it is a big deal. and the gap between these two men, they wind up being bigger than four of the last six elections. we know the electoral vote is what matters, right? i know some of you like it. some of you don't. it is what it is. joe biden is the president-elect with at least 279 electoral votes right now. they say the media doesn't call it. we're going off what the states tell us. there are four states that are still not been called. biden leads two of them. arizona and georgia. both of which saw his lead grow today. it is worth pointing out the secretary of state in georgia is
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a republican who trump endorsed and now he's getting beat up on that by his own party because he's saying this is up to voters, not politicians. that's how deep the toxicity is in this party. the flip side is in north carolina where the president holds a sizable lead. ballots have until thursday to be received in that state, as long as they were postmarked by election day. well, isn't that what you were complaining about? where is all the consternation? is it really as simple as if you win, good. if you lose, fraud. is that what a president does? in alaska trump still holds a big lead. still a long way to go. mail-in counting doesn't even start until tuesday.
6:22 pm
you see what i'm saying? come on. michigan you want a recount. look at the margin. six figures. do you think a recount will change that? google. see what kind of factor recounts involve. nothing like that. nothing close. in wisconsin, 21,000 margin doesn't seem like a lot. until you remember there was a recount in 2016. remember that? and guess what it did? it widened trump's margin. by 131 votes, but still it is the principal. they don't matter that much. and when they do -- if you want to do it, there are laws. okay? there are laws. there are standards. you can do this. this is built into the system. the work of democracy continues. now, on these naked allegations, okay, a court case in search of proof to substantiate the case, let's go to some of the
6:23 pm
officials on the ground. we have nevada's attorney general. we have michigan's secretary of state. and ann jacobs chair of the wisconsin state elections. thank you all three for joining me. >> good to be here. >> good to be here. >> just simple for a second. do any of you have any basis for belief that something very wrong happened in one of your elections, anybody? >> absolutely not, no. >> has anybody come forward with substantial allegations? i'm not taking one or two or legit stuff. a bunch of cases. >> not here. >> absolutely not. >> let me start with you, mr. a.g. looking into substantial irregularitie irregularities, you are the a.g., i don't know that they
6:24 pm
count as potential crimes but let's say they do. what do you think about that in terms of what kind of fruit this probe will bear. >> first off, that's not how we do things here. for 40 years, presidents, democrat and republican, have stayed out of state elections. we run these elections. we canvas these elections and we certify these elections. at least until the certification stage they stay out. so i'm preturned about the fact they're coming out right now about irregularities. that said, i have complete confidence of what we have done here in our state. you talk about georgia. we have a republican state here in nevada. and i believe in her competency and i belief in the competency of the 17 registrars we have working. them coming in i don't think will reveal anything beyond the one off.
6:25 pm
it will reveal the allegations that have no basis at all. >> secretary of state ben son, the idea that one case can come up, i mean, look, there are cases all the time. somebody is dead, somebody steals their identity or whatever it is, whatever it is. what is the bar for you in terms of understanding when you have a problem with your election result. >> well, certainly we are focussed on making sure every valid vote counts and what we recognize actually is happening right now are a lot of press releases masquerading as false information and trying to erode voter's confidence in an extraordinarily well run election. my metric is looking at the election workers, their work and the transparency of the process. there have been more eyes, more scrutiny on this election in michigan than any i can recall in recent history. the bottom line is i'm confident
6:26 pm
that any inquiries in michigan or elsewhere will only reveal the truth. that's what so many of us know, it was smooth, transparent and accurate. >> chairman jacobs, how concerned are you about the effect on the integrity of the process these allegations have? because they're not easy to disproof. that's what's going to happen here, is that the onus will shift from it's on the president and the trumpers to prove it to it's on you to disprove. >> you know, you put your finger right on it, which is that allegations of fraud and malfeasance and the like come up and then we say it's not real. it's not going on. you're making this up. and then they say prove it's not happening and that's a possibility. and, so, what we've got to talk about really is to leave the conspiracy theories behind, leave talk radio behind and
6:27 pm
leave all these made up allegations and focus on the fact that we had a well run completely supervised election. we're now in the middle of our canvas. everybody can go watch the canvas, and it looks like we may have a recount. people can watch the recount. but we've got to stop pretending that there is fraud when there is none and it's just made up. >> do any of you have a concern that politics will enter into this on the level of state legislatures and the electors? >> we just had a state legislator who put out a rather bizarre press release where he said that he would like to see a, quote, revote of the presidential election. there is no such thing. so when you say are we concerned? it's already out there. and my hope is that saner heads will prevail and that level of discourse will come down and they will treat the election as the fair election it was. >> jacobs is with wisconsin.
6:28 pm
ben son, you are are michigan. are you worried that there could be politics at the legislative level that could pick electors just for the president. >> we see rhetoric right now almost as a warning, but, you know, again, i don't see having any legs. actually, my predecessor already said public it isn't about trying to overturn the will of the voters. what this will be about, i think, is the same type of rhetoric we saw during the election itself. the bottom line is the american people have voted. i have confidence that ultimately we will have the law on our side and continually become more evident to more who are watching. >> a.g., how do you feel that the process is doing in nevada
6:29 pm
in terms of the integrity of it? >> well, i'm not concerned at all about the integrity of it. what we have always said is that in my office we actually prosecute claims of voter fraud that are substantiated. i'm doing one right now. if in fact we have such a history of voter fraud in our state, why haven't previous attorney generals prosecuted any at all? in fact, there is only one that's been prosecuted as of late. i'm prosecuting that. i don't anticipate problems on a going forward basis. if they happen, if they file a complaint, not a press release, not a pr stunt, not a statement on television, if they were to file a complaint with my office, not a redacted confident which they tried to do, a complaint where we can call someone for forming an investigation, we will do it. but they're not doing that. they know they have no leg to stand on. that's why they have been thrown out of court four times already trying to attack the integrity
6:30 pm
of our elections. we will continue prevailing because i believe in the integrity of our elections. >> good people doing the job we were elected to do. thank you for taking the opportunity. i want the audience to hear from you. you are the guys who were in charge of the elections in your state. you understand the aapparatus. and i want to make sure they hear from you. nobody is hearing from you except for pundits and political players. good luck in your efforts going forward. >> thanks so much. there you have nevada, michigan and wisconsin. and, yeah, there are other states in play. but i'm telling you we only know what they show. anybody brings any evidence of big bundles of votes that were done, bring them on. none of us has an interest in anything but the integrity of the process. but this is poison what they're doing. and i'm not going to ignore it. i'll ignore the tweets. i will ignore a lot of the poison around the edges, but the main infection, i'm not going to
6:31 pm
ignore it. you have to expose and show there is nothing there. if there is something there, we have to vet it. we have to stop this in this country. you either tell the truth or you're telling a lie. and either one has to be exposed, especially because look at where we are. we are in the middle of a pandemic. ten million cases. do you remember when they were saying 40,000 and people said it could double. it has doubled. plus, outbreaks among key members of trump world. what better metaphors do you need? we wish them all well. so let's get into this vaccine. how good is this news? i'm like this, just like you, but let's the facts. our chief doctor sanjay gupta spoke to the head of the company, that stage are they at, what does it mean for us in a month, three months, six months next. ne, you can get up to 60% off amazing hotels. and when you get a big deal... feel like a big deal. ♪
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>> 10 million cases, over 100,000 a day. this is what i that said would never happen. this is no reason to get all crazy about it. things are going the right way. we're rounding the corner. i told you rounding the corner was a cleaver way of hiding the fact we are doing spirals down and to hell with this thing. we have to do more and better. it is spreading exponentially in all regions of the country. for the passed five days straight, we have exceeded that 100,000 cases per day limit. the road we're on is not good. but of course there is hope. we know that the models show that if you help people deal with the basics, things get better. and today we got great news about the potential of our future. drug maker pfizer announced that early data shows its covid
6:37 pm
vaccine is more than 90% effective. we're all seizing on the 90%. we should be easing on the early part. i am not mr. debby downer, all right? i just don't like false expectations about a pandemic. let's discuss with our chief doctor. early testing shows 90% effectiveness. how much faith do you put in that, how much optimism? >> well, you know, i'm kind of with you, chris. over all, i think this is good news. this is a good day in terms of the overall news about the pandemic. but it is material and it is also interim. meaning it's not just early analysis. they still have more data to collect here. but it's fairly promising. the way this works, chris, as you know, is the ceo of pfizer hasn't seen the data. it is this independent committee that unblinds it for the first
6:38 pm
time, analyzes it and calls the ceo at 2:00 yesterday and said, this is really good. i think people are sometimes surprised by these types of numbers. but 44,000 people roughly in the trial, half of them get vaccine, half of them get placebo. 94 people became infected with covid-19, but only 10% of them were in the group that received the vaccine. the majority of people that got infected were in the group that received the placebo. that's it, chris. that's how they know this seems to be effective. i talked to the ceo about this. he's bullish, as you might imagine. >> 90% is a game changer. 90%, now you are hoping to have a tool in your war against this pandemic that could be significantly effective. how long this protection will last is something that we don't know right now, but it's part of
6:39 pm
the objectives of the study. we will follow up the 44,000 people that they received their part of this study for two years. and during this follow-up, obviously, we will be looking also at the durability of the new responses. >> all right. so obviously it's about how long it would last and whether or not this ethicacy holds in terms of more testing. but, look, all good news. it is better than having it be 10% effective. but what other news came out of that interview for you in terms of the known/unknowns and concerns going forward. >> i think there is three ingredients that we're talking about here. the ethicacy, safety. we're not going to know full safety data until the end of this month. but then, you know, chris, we're talking about the other thing that came out of this, this is one of the largest distribution
6:40 pm
projects we've seen in our history. we're talking two shots of this medication that stored at incredibly cold temperatures. there are refrigerators -- football fieldsrefrigerators getting ready to store this. in order for this to work, chris, it is not just the united states. they have to -- this vaccine has to be available in many places around the world because an infection or an outbreak anywhere is an infection or outbreak everywhere. >> how big of a deal is refrigeration? >> i think it's challenging, chris. if there was a vaccine out there that was one shot and didn't neat that refrigeration, i think that would be a much easier distribution project. they have to come up with the special cases that can store it. >> what's up with the refrigeration? why does one need it and one doesn't? >> so it is a different type of vaccine. it needs to be stored at a very cold temperature.
6:41 pm
otherwise it becomes unstable. some of these other vaccines don't need that cold temperatures. many need refrigeratiorefrigera. think about other countries and hard to reach places within those countries. it matters. how they will get that done is a huge part of this. they have three huge facilities here in the united states. they have one in belgium that will be responsible for the rest of the world. and we have other vaccine makers out there, chris, coming up behind pfizer that may have perfectly viable vaccines. overall, i think it is good news. there is a lot of momentum. i feel like i could see possibly with this vaccine on the horizon could start to see the end of this thing on site. i don't want to be too hyperbolic about this, but it felt good to say the end is here if you just buckle down on these public health behaviors like you are talking about. >> is 90% amazing? like what's the flu vaccine?
6:42 pm
>> the flu vaccine is somewhere between 40% and 60%. fda would have accepted 50% for this vaccine. so 90% is very good. but i do want to make a point. 80% of people who get this infection have minimal or no symptoms already. now you say we're doing a vaccine. it's 90% going to protect you. 80% don't have much in the way of symptoms anyways. what we want to know is how well it will work for people at risk of severe disease? if you were at risk of severe disease, does this help you? and hopefully it will. but that's the kind of data we still don't have. and even the pfizer folks haven't seen that data yet. so they're bullish, but there is still a lot we need done. >> you know, if we're just all in on a vaccine, the only thing we really do that with virally
6:43 pm
as people will know is the flu. even that, we have very mixed results with it. so sanjay, thank you for keeping people straight about this. >> you got it, chris. >> it's good news, but we're not done, in other words. and that's okay as long as we're all working together to get to a better place. take care. all right. love that sanjay gupta. by the way, on the vaccine phase, so trump is all happy, right? we brought you the vaccine. one, not true. pfizer is not part of operation warp speed. it will be now for distribution if the data holds. if you are so psyched about operation warp speed and you say, see? why did you just fire the guy who runs it? you just fired the defense secretary for no good reason and he runs operation warp speed. now, what about the heads of the fbi and cia? could they really be next? and on top of that needless chaos, what does it mean that a transition is being held up, let alone by a president who refuses to accept that he lost. what are the big implications?
6:44 pm
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if you're living with hiv . . . . . . keep loving who you are. and ask your doctor if biktarvy is right for you. the defense secretary is out. heavy politics, but a big problem. why? he runs operation warp speed, and that's kind of key to the meager efforts of dealing with this vaccine and the pandemic. our reporting is that now the heads of the cia and fbi may be next. why? petty politics. and because of this gsa mess that's the agency that helps deal with the transition, we know the president-elect isn't getting access to the same highly classified intel that his predecessors did in the middle of a pandemic. john brennan has a new book out
6:49 pm
"undaunted." good to see you, sir. >> good evening, chris. >> so people hear this news, eh, that's trump being trump. it will pass. what are they missing? >> they're missing what is a very, very worrisome development. it is clear that mark esper was removed because he rebuffed donald trump's efforts to politicize the u.s. military. i think it's quite apparent from the reporting that mark esper stood up to donald trump repeatedly. who knows what else he had to do? this is the most consequential position in the government besides the president of the united states because it is is secretary of defense that carries out the orders by the president of the united states. if mark esper is put aside because he is not listening to donald trump carry out these orders, who knows what his successor, this acting
6:50 pm
secretary, chris miller is going to do if donald trump does give some type of order that is counter to what our national security interests need to be. >> 70 days. you know, he'll be gone in 70 days anyway once we have the inauguration. >> 70 days you can >> you can do a lot of damage in 70 days. he's still the president of the united states. and is he going to carry out these vendettas against other individuals? as you pointed out chris wray or gina haspel or others. it is clear donald trump is trying to exercise the power because he can. and he is going to settle scores. but i'm very concerned what he might do in his remaining 70 days in office. is he going to take some type of military action? is he going o'release some type of information that could in fact threaten our national security interests? i think people need to be looking very carefully at what he's doing and unfortunately republicans in congress continue to give donald trump a pass. >> so this is the key question. what can be done? short of him messing with the
6:51 pm
electoral college and trying to have republican or friendlys pick their own electors and go grand scale with faithless electors, what can be done to stop anything he wants to do in the next 70 days? >> well, if vice president pence and the cabinet had an ounce of fortitude and spine and patriot vmz, ism i think they would seriously consider invoking the 25th amendment and pushing donald trump out because he is just very unpredictable now. he's like a cornered cat, tiger. and he's going to lash out. and the fact again that he has the powers of the presidency in his hands is quite worrisome. we know that attorney general barr has done donald trump's bidding in the past. will he continue to do that vis-a-vis this election? i don't know. but i do think it's something that the members of congress, the leadership of the republican party really needs to send clear signals to donald trump that if he goes -- continues to go along this path they are going to put up road blocks. >> what do you make of the
6:52 pm
attorney general saying that his investigators before the electoral college will look at substantial allegations of voting irregularities? as you and i both know, irregularities is not a legal standard or any kind of criminal rubric. but what do you make of that? >> well, i think it's an unprecedented move. and again, since william barr has shown he's willing to be donald trump's personal defense lawyer as opposed to the attorney general of the united states, i am concerned he's going to be looking at this in a very one-sided manner. and so i think this is something that hopefully the state attorney generals and others are going to stand fast and also the department of justice professionals are going to carry out their duties irrespective of whatever type of political winds they feel are blowing their way. >> john brennan, thank you very much for your perspective. appreciate. love to have you back when we see what happens next. the new book, "undaunted," on sale right now. be well, sir. >> thank you. >> all right. you've heard by now, alex trebek is gone.
6:53 pm
he brought us together the way few people can. he is such a reminder, especially now, hate that he's gone. i hate what took him. but there are things you don't know about alex trebek that you do need to know right now. and i can tell you, and i will.
6:54 pm
we're all putting things off, especially in these times. but some things are too serious to be ignored. if you still have symptoms of crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis even after trying other medications, it may be a sign of damaging inflammation, which left untreated, could get much worse. please make an appointment to see your gastroenterologist right away. or connect with them online. once you do, seeing the doctor is one less thing to worry about. need help finding a doctor? head to
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alex trebek. what you know. "jeopardy" host, nearly three decades. lost his fight to pancreatic cancer at 80. he held all the answers. cultural icon. paragon of wisdom. even keel. decent. but what you don't know matters more. trebek was obsessed with cleaning his own gutters. he thought way too much about irrigation at his house. he would talk about his wife of 30 years, jean, like they just met 30 days ago. he could come out of a hard chemo haze almost instantly at a mention of his kids, matthew,
6:59 pm
emily, nicky. he was so impressed by his family. wildly, like a fan. and when i mentioned, well, you made them that way, no, no, no he'd say. let me tell you, to his family, he loved you the way any father and husband dreams of having that capacity. he was all in on you. and he was so proud of what you are as people. trebek knew he was in a battle almost no one wins. he never discussed the negativity of it with me. he would only talk about what he could handle today. and he told me, you know, you think you control so much more than you do. you need to realize that, that you don't control very much, and you need to enjoy the mystery in life even when it's bad. and what you can control you need to embrace with your heart before your hands. alex reached out to me some time
7:00 pm
ago to help me. he wouldn't say that, but it became really obvious once we started talking. he cared so much about this country. but even more so about us as people. he wasn't about parties or process. he wasn't political that way. he would always slough it off by saying i'm from canada. he kept pounding into me to remind people that disagreement is a waste of time when you can deal with things that can be done. he was a good, decent simple man in many ways. and he was very good to me for no reason at all. he needed nothing. he wanted nothing. except to give. he recorded his last show just last week, a week and a half ago. i couldn't believe he was still working. i told him several times, you know, stop doing it. he said, "i like it. i committed to it. and it matters to people." there will never be another alex trebek. and i have never met anyone else that to me personified what i would like to be as a father and a husband morn


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